Kicking Goals

With every PARK ball you buy, we will help a kid in need.
Learn more about some of the charities and individuals we partner with, to get PARK balls onto the feet of kids and youth that need them most.

Orphfund hero.jpg

Orphfund / Sierra Leone & Uganda

Orphfund are a 100% volunteer driven charity. They have built homes for over abandoned 250 kids and their schools have helped over 2000 kids get back into the classroom. The work they do is just incredible.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre / Melbourne

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) have been providing essential services to people seeking asylum for 20 years. PARK donated over 100 balls to support their kids soccer programs and toy drive.

Malolo Primary School / Fiji

12 year old Max from Melbourne was heading to Fiji and wanted to hand deliver some PARK balls to the local school kids. Malolo Primary School has over 700 students with most of them having to walk 45 minutes to get to school by 8am.

Football United / Australia & Myanmar

Football United creates chances for youth through the magic of football. They provide safe, free and accessible playing opportunities for kids. They also build the capacity and provide opportunities for young people to become coaches, role models and leaders in their community.

The Surf Girls / Bangladesh

In Bangladesh life is very difficult for girls. They don't have the same opportunities as boys. They are often married off from nine years old. The Surf Girls is a charity based in Coxs Bazar, that gives girls a safe haven, and financial and emotional support to follow their dreams and delay marriage until they are adults.

Street Kids / Lombok

On a gifting trip to Lombok, we drove past a small school. A large gathering of kids and spectators where waiting for a soccer final between two local school teams to begin. We asked why the game wasn't starting. They replied "We don't have a ball, we've lost the only one we have". Needless to say we helped out.

Pararoos / Australia

The Pararoos are the Australian national soccer team for people with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or stroke. PARK supplied balls and supported their kids training camp in Melbourne.

The Seekers / Melbourne

The ASRC soccer team The Seekers made up from players from many different cultures. A truly multicultural first 11.