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Give. Give. Give.

Pass on your love of soccer.

Magic* balls

*A PARK ball is the only ball that can be in two places at once. For every ball purchased we'll pass an identical ball to a kid in need who would otherwise never receive the gift of a new ball. Magic!

The gift of conversation

Passion is universal. Opportunity is not. Giving a PARK ball as a gift is a great way to start a good conversation about the benefits of giving with your kids. 

Soccer has proven itself as a global game that unites diverse cultures and creates hope and opportunity for the worlds most marginalised.

At the same time the game has become very commercial, and to some degree has lost it’s soul. Observing how disadvantaged communities embrace the game, we were inspired to rethink the role of the humble ball. After all it’s the ball that's at the centre of the game.

We believe the humble ball, re-thought, can play a significant role in the revitalisation of migrant and disadvantaged communities.

Tell the story

The Pass-A-Ball comes with a colourful postcard explaining the project, and a sticker so you can proudly so off your social cred.

Stock up on gifts

Save time and money. Pick up a 3 pack of balls and rest assured that you have all those last minute gifts covered.

Team first

Grab a ball for everyone in your team and we'll pass the same number of balls to a team in need.