What size are soccer balls?
Soccer balls come in 3 sizes, 3, 4, and 5. Size 5 is recommended for anyone over the age of 14. Size 4 is for kids between 6 and 13 and a size 3 is for under 6's. The Pass-A-Ball is currently available in size 4 and 5.

Futsal balls come in one size only, and are about the same size as a size 4 soccer ball.


What is a Futsal Ball?
A Futsal ball is almost the same as a soccer ball, the difference is it's designed to be used in a small sided game generally played indoors. The idea is to keep the ball low, close to the ground, so the Futsal ball has a low bounce bladder which makes the ball feel heavier. They're great for kids to use to practice their ball control.


Are PARK balls good quality?
Yes, you betcha! We test our balls to cope with playing soccer on many different surfaces. PARK balls are tested to withstand over 4000 kicks – That's a lot of kicks!


Do you offer wholesale pricing?
We absolutely do offer wholesale pricing to our fantastic business and soccer club customers. Simply email passaball@parkssc.com and we will get back to you right away.


How do I purchase PARK balls in bulk?
You can email us at passaball@parkssc.com and we will send you our bulk order price list.


How do I become a stockist / retailer?
Becoming a PARK stockist is as simple as getting in touch with us at passaball@parkssc.com


Where can I buy PARK balls?
PARK balls are available in select lifestyle stores around the country. To find your nearest store, visit our stockists page to see the full list of retailers. You can also shop the range at www.parkssc.com/shop


Who are PARK Social Soccer Co.?
PARK Social Soccer Co is a social enterprise based in Melbourne and New York. We believe that passion is universal, but opportunity is not, so we started The Pass-A-Ball Project. When you buy a PARK soccer ball we Pass-A-Ball and the benefits of playing social soccer to a kid in need. So while you’re making friends in the park, so are they. 

We partner with both local and domestic charities to get the balls onto the feet of the kids and communities that need them most.


Can I donate to PARK?
Because PARK is a social enterprise rather than a charity, we choose not to take public donations to fund our projects. 

There are so many awesome charities doing incredible work around the world that allow you to donate directly to help kids in need. Our aim is not to compete with these charities by asking people to give us money directly, simply to provide a better product option for folk, enabling them to help change the world in the process.