The Pass-A-Ball Project

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1 Billion kids live in poverty – Unicef
29 Million kids are refugees – Unicef

Millions of these kids live in despair. Many are grieving the loss of family. Many are feeling alienated and scared. These feelings lead to serious mental and physical health problems.

Kids love soccer! And soccer has proven itself as the global game that unites diverse cultures and creates hope and opportunity for the worlds most marginalised.

Observing how disadvantaged communities embrace the game, we were inspired to rethink
the role of the humble ball.

We believe the humble ball, re-thought, can play a significant role in the revitalisation of migrant and disadvantaged communities. And provide a symbolic bridge between the haves and the have nots.

The Pass-A-Ball Project
Early starts. Long days on the pitch. 3 and you’re in. 2 on 2. Cut knees. Drinks break. Grass stains. Next goal wins! Ok next goal wins now. Play till dark. Make new friends. Same time tomorrow? 

Every kid deserves a ball to kick around, but often kids go without. So we started the PASS-A-BALL PROJECT and now, with your help, PARK is providing balls for kids in need. When you buy a PARK ball, you PASS-A-BALL to a kid in need. While you’re making friends in the park, and getting the benefits of playing soccer, so are they. 

We’re working with charities both domestic and international to distribute the balls and share the positive social, psychological and health benefits of park soccer with kids, communities and schools.

Kids love soccer
Soccer a truly global sport that nurtures an understanding of different cultures.
Soccer promotes community spirit, teamwork and a sense of belonging.
Soccer increases confidence and self-esteem, reduces anxiety.
Soccer improves mental and physical health.